Our Wondeful Lippitt Mares.

Edgewood Geneva, 2003 black chestnut Lippitt Morgan mare. Sire: Mint Jacob Dam: Edgewood Captiva. Geneva is exactly what we want to breed for in a Lippitt Morgan mare. She has been acclaimed by many to be one of the most beautiful living Lippitt Mares today, riviling the past "known standards of mare perfection" Lippitt Dusky Kate and Lippitt Miss Nekomia. Geneva is conformationally correct with excellent legs and bone, and a wonderful mind, and sweet personality. Geneva is not for sale, but her yearling bay filly, Ash Royalty Leyla, who carries Geneva's same fine qualities, along with those of her own sire Edgewood DC Linsley is for sale to the discriminating buyer. Geneva, only a 6 year old, is now back in training and getting ready to compete in Western pleasure in Morgan classes in Mid-Missouri this year.

Edgewood Geneva,

Covenant Elizah Moro, 1995 bay mare, sire: Meredith Knight dam: Covenant Karah Moro Elizah is our first foundation broodmare, and has had 3 foals for us. She is one of the last Meredith Knight daughters still producing. Her 2009 filly by Mint Jacob, Ash Royalty Deidre (raf), is exquisitely beautiful and shows the exemplary temperment our horses have and pass on. Mint Jacob's foals all have a curious, sweet and people loving personality also.

Covenant Elizah Moro